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A deep sense of commitment to provide innovative education is the foundation for such an educational endeavour.


Management Team
Dr. Madhu Panse Secretary


Dr. Madhu Panse is an eminent educationist and has more than 15  years of experience in the field of education. She has a keen interest in the innovative techniques of education and keeps on updating the innovations in the day-to-day activities of the school.

She is a very good leader and also a visionary. She has a goal and she can unite a team around a plan to help them get there. Not only that, but she is also able to clearly articulate her school vision and goals.

She has the ability to pair her vision with unrelenting passion.  Her Vision and passion make her an effective leader who can generate inspiration, motivation, and excitement that permeates throughout the school.

She is also a counsellor who understands the day-to-day needs of children and helps and guides them accordingly.

Qualifications:- PhD( Eng lit.). MED.,  MA( ENG), BSC.  DCGC

Administrator Mrs. Reena Louis

Mrs. Reena Louis

Mrs. Reena Louis is a prominent  educationist with more than 28 Years of administrative experience. She is an efficient leader and an effective communicator.  She  works deligently and presents innovative ideas for the growth of organisation and in the field of teaching , child development, management for the acomplishment of organisational goals. 

 She is masters in English and political Science and also masters in Philosophy and Masters in Education.

Principal Mrs. Shefali Patel

Mrs. Shefali Patel is an educational professional with experience in both academic and administrative functions of school. She is well educated and post graduate in  Economics and Management and  B.Ed with with   rich experience of more than 10  years in school education. She is a passionate educator who has experience in every work area of school. .Participated in lot many CBSE seminars and workshops and conducted many competitive exams also . Her vision is to develop responsible citizens who can cater the needs of the rapidly growing society who are tech savvy able to face on competitions of life keeping in mind the sustainable means of development providing necessary support making students intellectually  strong physically fit , emotionally balanced , socially connected and spiritually sound being the first step towards the goal has already been initiated and hopes to see fruitation soon

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